Wintensive Workshop

In the Wintensive Workshop, Students learn techniques for writing and delivering their own speeches for competition. They will find both “vision and voice” in this workshop, which will include:

  • “Informal Public Speaking” (general guidelines for any speaker)
  • Platforms – elements from the ancients – ethos, pathos, logos
  • Type distinctions: original oratory, persuasive, expository
  • Approach to speech topics – theses and outlines
  • Speaker’s Triangle – how to add physicality to delivery
  • Guidelines for using gestures
  • An overview of rhetorical devices and suitable transitions
  • Organizational techniques (i.e., basic, chronological, topical, cause/effect, etc.)
  • Analysis of famous speech examples
  • Practicum: Platform Packs! 5-man teams write and deliver speeches on given topics with various purposes and organizational paradigms

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