Skype Coaching

Competitors: Do you ever wonder

  • How should I practice?
  • What if I feel like giving up?
  • How do I take my speech to the next level?
  • Should I do another interpretive speech or try something new?
  • How do I work with a partner or club mate?
  • Is my script a good choice? Is my topic competitive?
  • Nobody’s laughing at my Humorous Interp; what should I do?
  • How should I define “success?”

Coaches: Do you scratch your head and think

  • How do I understand and implement the rules?
  • How do I help families “count the cost?”
  • How do I help students and families set goals?
  • How do I get parents involved?
  • What are recommended resources?
  • What are good practice strategies?
  • When is it best to validate; when is it best to critique?

Schedule an online Skype appointment with Win for answers to these questions and more. Rates available upon request.

Student Sessions: One-hour minimum. Up to two students from one family may be included in the session; duo partners are also considered a “single” session.

Coach/Parent Sessions: Unlimited number of participants.