How to Be Heard and Remembered

How to Be Heard and Remembered is a workbook of weekly lessons for young speakers. It is designed as a primer for students to work through the alphabet while learning practical public speaking concepts and their real-life applications. Evaluation sheets are included for easy assessment of all speeches. Lessons include:

  • A is for Articulation
  • B is for Breath Control
  • C is for Conversation
  • D is for Delivery, Diaphragm & Diction
  • E is for the Elevator Speech, Emphasis, & Expression
  • F is for Fading & Feedback
  • G is for Gestures
  • H is for Haptics
  • I is for Introductions & Interpretive Speaking
  • J is for the Jaw & Joke telling
  • K is for Kinesics or body language
  • L is for Lips (a primary articulator)
  • M is for Monologues, Monotone & Motivational Speaking
  • N is for Nasality & the Newscast
  • O is for the Oscars (acceptance speeches & presentations)
  • P is for Persuasive Speaking
  • Q is for Questions – formal & informal Interviews
  • R is for Rate of Utterance, the Review & Recitation
  • S is for Storytelling & the Sales Pitch
  • T is for Toasts, Tributes & Testimonials
  • U is for “Undecided” (how to Debate an issue)
  • V is for the Valedictory Address
  • W is for the Whistleblower or Advocacy Speech
  • X,Y, Z is for …

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