Public Speaking 2

This course is designed for older students (though some younger students who have already completed PS1 may be eligible) and is a sequel to Public Speaking I.  PS2 will build communication skills, as well as advance students’ exposure to public speaking and rhetoric. Lectures, exercises and practicum will help students develop presentation skills, build confidence, and create rapport with an audience. Students will write and deliver more than a dozen speeches throughout the course. Emphasis will be given to…

  • Vocalics – enunciation, articulation, cadence, pitch, and diction
  • Kinesics and analysis of body language – posture, poise, use of gestures, facial expression and eye contact
  • Creating and delivering presentations
    • Spontaneous speeches and conversational practicum
    • Platform speeches – speaking one’s own words
    • Interpretive speeches – bringing someone else’s words to life
  • Diction studies including use of standard English, idioms, rhetorical devices
  • Analysis of famous speakers and their speeches

Textbook: students will build a notebook of lectures, exercises and handouts throughout the school year.

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