Public Speaking 1

This course is designed to introduce students to public speaking and rhetoric. Consecutive lessons work through the alphabet as students develop basic communication skills (i.e., “A is for Articulation; B is for Breath control, C is for Conversation…”) Additional drills, games, and exercises will help students build confidence while creating rapport with an audience. Students will deliver recitations and present more than a dozen speeches throughout the course. Emphasis will be given to…

  • Voice – enunciation, articulation, cadence, pitch, and diction
  • Body – posture, poise, use of gestures, facial expression, and eye contact
  • Style & Delivery
    • Spontaneous speeches and conversational practicum
    • Platform speeches – speaking one’s own words
    • Interpretive speeches – bringing someone else’s words to life
  • Written evaluation and oral review of presentations

Workbook: How to be Heard & Remembered, a Public Speaking Primer by Winifred C. Heggem

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