The “Mouth” is Mightier than the Pen – research out of University of Chicago is profound!

This June 27, 2015 article from The New York Times reports a fascinating study conducted by Dr. Nicholas Epley, a behavioral scientist from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. He writes, “The closest you ever get to another person’s mind is through their mouth.”  This brief article is worth a thorough read in order to understand the importance of spoken language (vs. text-based communication) in business and in life. Dr. Epley’s findings show that we sound smarter than our thoughts look.



Vocal Fry – The New Epidemic

Beware female speakers that you don’t sound “fried.”  Not only does this style of delivery seem insincere and affected, but speech pathologists will warn you of the damage that it is likely to cause to your vocal folds.

This short YouTube clip will demonstrate it perfectly!