About Win Heggem

Win Heggem is the founder of Winsome Speaking and has been a teacher and speech coach for more than 35 years. She began as a junior high and high school English teacher after earning a B.A. in English Education, magna cum laude. For the last 17 years she has specialized in training hundreds of competitive speakers as well as thousands of tweens, teens, and adults in public speaking.

Since 2001, scores of Win’s students have been state and national speech finalists and champions. She was the founder of the C.H.A.T. Speech Club and also served as a board member for the Clash Debate Club and more recently as a founder and director of the Impact! Debate Club. Win was a founding member of the National Rules Committee for the Stoa Speech and Debate League.

Win currently teaches public speaking classes, camps, and conferences throughout the western U.S. in addition to private coaching for students and professionals.

Mrs. Heggem is the author of How to be Heard and Remembered, a public speaking primer. Win is dedicated to helping all of her students find and strengthen their “voices” as they impact the next generation with greater confidence, conviction, and clarity.