WHICH, HOW, WHAT, WHY? – Reasons that will keep you motivated all year


Questions. We all have them.

Answers and reasons. We all need them.

Here’s why…

[ree-zuhn] –

  1. basis or cause for some belief or action
  2. a justification or explanation of a belief or action
  3. mental powers concerned with forming judgments
  4. good sense
  5. sound powers of mind

Before entering competition this year, before making any specific decisions about each speech, take time to answer the following questions. The reasons behind each answer are critical. They will be the basis, justification, and explanation for all the work you are about to do.

We must ask…

WHICH event(s) do you want to compete in this year?

HOW will competing in that event(s) better help develop you as a communicator?

WHAT message do you want to send with each speech?

WHY is your particular speech topic or interpretive selection personally important to you?

Answer these questions based on sound reason. Count the cost now. Of course you will discover more questions and develop more answers along the way, but these particular questions are critical in helping provide rationale and purpose for the preparation and practice that await you.

Washington Irving said it like this:  “Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.” 

God has given you a sound mind, a great mind. So don’t just ‘wish’ for success in the year ahead; work for it. Now is the right time to answer a few hard questions because those answers will be the REASONS to stay on track in the thick of competition.

Think carefully and take the next step based on good  ree-zuhn.