Just DO it!

Ever heard of David Starr Jordan? Doesn’t the name have a familiar ring to it? Was he

  • a famous athlete?
  • renowned orator?
  • acclaimed preacher?

No. None of these. He was the founding president of Stanford University serving there from 1891-1913. Although he and I would not have agreed about many things ideologically, and there are still suspicious claims that linger about parts of his life, he said one thing that is noteworthy for communicators everywhere.

Drum roll, please…

“Wisdom is knowing WHAT to do next, skill is knowing HOW to do it, and virtue is DOing it.”

Speech and debate champions have worked all year and wisely know WHAT to do. They have improved their skill sets and know HOW to deliver their speeches excellently. Now it’s time to DO it. That’s the virtuous thing. Not just knowing the what and how, but the actually doing (in and out of competition rooms, in every hallway, on every car ride, at every fast food booth, etc.)

Speaking wisely and skillfully is virtuous indeed. Go DO it!