Back to the Basics – A Word to the Wise

If you have earned the right to compete at a national tournament this year, you already have a sense of not resting on the laurels that you’ve received at preliminary qualifying tournaments.  You know it is time to go back and cover the basics.  Prior to attending a national tournament, true champions will be meticulous.

Here are 3 easy steps that will help everyone meet with even greater success as they face other nationally ranked competitors:

  1. Print out a blank ballot for each of your events from your league’s website.  Review the ballot one more time, realizing that the ballot contains the set of criteria that your judges will use to evaluate you.  Honestly assess your preparation and practice in light of these criteria.
  2. Some leagues also state a “description” and “goal” for each event.  Read those as well. Remind yourself of all the specifics that your events entail.
  3. Finally, read through the actual rules very carefully for each of your events, even if you think you already know them.  The judges will have these rules right in front of them while they are judging you. Comply with every stipulation.

These simple steps are easy, but beware. Whatever is easy to do, is just as easy not to do. Make sure that you have not overlooked anything in advance of the national competition. These “basics” are the foundation blocks for delivering your best performance.